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The tamper evident security tape on your shipping box – try it for yourself

Seal a box of your choice with the Security Void Tape and try to open the package by peeling off the Security Tape. The void tape effect is immediately visible. It is no longer possible to reverse this effect, the colour change is permanent. Secure Packaging: the simple and absolutely effective protection against manipulation of the packaging was developed in-house by Securikett and includes several protective components.

SecurityTapes Manufacturer: The wonders of printing technology & diversity

The proprietary and innovative manufacturing process makes Securikett adhesive tapes unique on the world market. Our Total Transfer Security Tapes outperform standard and often freely available products in terms of counterfeit protection and reliability. Additionally, various tests, such as heat, manipulation, drop and artificial aging tests – based on industry standards – clearly demonstrate their superiority – over lower security commodity adhesive tapes.

In addition to our PaperVOID seals, we have recently started offering sustainable paper-based security adhesive tapes. These adhesive Partial Transfer Security Tapes, which are available in different colors, are particularly suitable for use on cardboard packaging, as the entire cardboard including the adhesive tape can be recycled together. This means that it is no longer necessary to separate the raw materials. Thanks to the integrated security VOID effect, which leaves an irreversible pattern on the packaging when it is removed, it is possible to instantly see whether the package has already been opened.

Easy to use

As well as the adhesive tapes in our standard range, tapes with customised void designs, in particular, meet the highest standards of design and security. The packaging tapes can be processed using manual dispensers as well as large rolls in automated packaging lines. You can purchase robust manual dispensers from us.

Your parcels are guaranteed to catch the eye

From subtle to conspicuous

Our SecurityTape – that we will soon also be offering in our online shop – ranges from neutral, single-colour tapes to tapes with a gold effect or fantasy designs. We guarantee that your customers will be amazed. Our triple-void technology offers quite surprising effects, even with neutral, single-colour tapes.

Customized SecurityTapes are not available for sale on the open market

The Security Bag Sealing Tape can be designed by our design experts to match your brand identity, there are virtually no limits. Counterfeiters no longer have a chance to buy these void tapes, even if they were to order from us as a supposed customer: Our internal organisation is set up in such a way that we know whether the person placing the order is actually a 100% legitimate customer. We can also adjust the type and weight of the adhesive as well as the material combinations. This is another advantage over off-the-shelf packaging tapes.

“For years, some of these eggshells have been converted by the rendering industry into animal feed supplements. And these same eggshells also have components of value to the papermaking, pharmaceutical and biochemistry industries,” explains Jeff Hsieh, a professor in the Georgia Tech School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the study’s principal investigator. Professor Hsieh and his research team are concentrating their efforts on using the main component, calcium carbonate (CaCO3), in papermaking applications.

Eggshell components: Valuable resources

According to Professor Hsieh, the eggshells are approximately 95% calcium carbonate and 4.5% membrane. The calcium carbonate in the eggshells, he says, can be a substitute for mined minerals used to improve brightness, opacity and strength in the Eggshell Paper. It can also potentially be used to improve the appearance of the paper, making it easier to print on as well as smoother, more opaque and brighter when used as a coating. The eggshell membrane, on the other hand, contains 10% collagen, which can be used as a raw material in the manufacture of amino acids. The remainder of the membrane can be used as an additive for animal feed.

With around 7% of the world trade affected by tampering or counterfeiting each year, it should come as no surprise that Security Labels have become the answer to keeping products and valuable assets safe after they leave your warehouse or business. Let Expert Labels help protect your products and assets.

Tamper-proof and tamper evident labels are just a few security products which are used by a whole host of companies to protect their goods.

With a wide range of security labels to choose from, it is important to pick a label which suits your products best.

At Expert Labels we have a pool of knowledge to draw from which can advise you to choose the appropriate security label. Call or email us to see what suits your products best.

Hologram Sticker is considered an efficient anti-piracy methodology that finds usage by numerous high firms United Nations agency wish their finish users in order to receive the original article. Being colourful in end, hologram stickers are quality stickers that can be created obtainable with custom imprint with the possibility of:

Company name


Consecutive serial numbers

It is fascinating to know that hologram stickers not only enhance the packaging of the products, they also improve or increase brand awareness. The unique and attractive features that complement existing packaging create a higher perceived value for the customer.

In branding, custom hologram stickers are significantly created in order to combat counterfeiting. As they are unable to be optically scanned by a computer, this makes them cost-effective security features. Along with this, there are several other reasons that they are a good deterrent to fraudsters such as:

One of the quickest ways to authenticate genuine products

Hologram sticker is quick and simple validation obvious to the naked eye

Embedded security marks as well as hidden features within the hologram

There are some times when you just can’t escape the heat, whether it be a stuffy workplace or a stroll under the summer sun. For those looking for a convenient way to combat high temperatures, Neck Fans are one of the most convenient ways. They are powerful, wireless, and provide hands-free relief from even the hottest of days.

When it comes to choosing the best neck fans out there, it is all about convenience and efficiency. While there are some features that are worth looking at, the basics are where it is at.

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